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Piotr graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Art, and did whatever jobs offered to him that involved painting: shop signs, murals, and theatre sets. When there weren’t painting jobs Piotr worked at casual jobs, including being a grill chef, to leave himself free should any painting jobs come up.

He painted the backdrop for Oscar winning film "Peter and the Wolf". Following this he was appointed Head of Painting Animation on Dorota Kobiela’s short film, "The Little Postman".

On Loving Vincent
He was a Head of Painting Animation since 2012.
Together with Dorota Kobiela and Tomek Wochniak designed the Painting Animation Work Station. During pre-production Piotr was a design painter, a storyboard artists, the main researcher into the tools and techniques used by Vincent, in charge of preparing reference materials for painters and the main tutor for the painting animator training courses. During production he was in charge of supervising the 125 painters, and part of the planning and execution of the live action shoot. He animated a range of the film’s most challenging shots.

Hugh Welchman
Creative Director
Breakthru Productions